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The Waveney online Zine shop allows you to sellect from more than 1000 zines in 100 fandoms. Pay once using your credit card, regardless of the number of suppliers involved. The shop operates in four different currencies.

We will be dropping out of the Zine business over the next month or two. If Zines vanish from our list, don't assume they have gone out of print. In most cases, they will still be available from the original publisher.

Buy zines supplied by Lionheart Distribution, Neon Rainbow, Waveney, Greycloud Press, The Avon Club, MacWombat Press, NorthCoast Press, Maverick Press, Marian Kelly and many others.

This shop is run by Waveney (Judith and Richard Proctor).

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Tell Me About New Zines

You can now ask the shop to send you one email a month, to inform you of new zines in the fandoms of your choice (and new fandoms).

2nd Hand Department

We have lots of 2nd hand zines available in many fandoms.

Multimedia Zines

There is a new link from most fandoms to a page that lists multimedia zines that include stories in that fandom. This is created automaticaly, ommisions and errors may occasionally result.

Gift Certificates

We provide Gift Certificates, for customers who want to get or send zines for gifts, but don't want to tell their friends and relatives which ones... There are links to buy Gift Certificates on the main fandoms page and on the checkout page.


If you are a zine publisher or a distributor of new or 2nd hand zines and would like to sell your zines through the shop please look at selling through the online shop and/or email Richard@waveney.org.


Our Own Server

We have our own server, to improve the service. If anyone wants web sites please contact us as we now have plenty of space... And we do special rates for fans. We offer a range of web services see Waveney Web Services for more details.



You can now watch Blake's 7 on your HD or lcd televisions The Intergalactic War will appear even more lifelike.


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